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Cyndie Claypool de Neve, a former journalist who has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, is the co-author of Unshaken: Experience the Power and Peace of a Life of Prayer and the companion Unshaken Study Guide, which she wrote with Sally Burke, President of Moms in Prayer International. The two also have written a 40-day devotional called Start with Praise and are finishing up their fourth book with Harvest House Publishers, Praying God’s Word Over Our Kids. Cyndie is also very excited about working on a new project with Baker Books, God-Confident Kids: Helping Your Child Find True Purpose, Passion and Peace, to be released October 2019.cyndie-de-neve

Passionate about prayer and helping people find their God-given purpose, Cyndie enjoys teaching and has led many Bible studies, prayer groups, workshops, seminars, and Sunday school classes.

As the Director of Communications at Moms in Prayer International for five years, Cyndie started the ministry’s social media presence and initiated the use of video storytelling. To encourage moms to be praying daily, Cyndie coordinated the creation of the daily Scripture prayers that is emailed to thousands of women every weekday morning. Cyndie also oversaw the name change from Moms In Touch International to its current name, Moms in Prayer International, and worked to create and establish the church-wide day of prayer, Bless Our Schools Sunday.

Today, she is the Senior Director of Creative and Technical Services at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, with about 4,500 people attending on the weekends. She leads a department of nine, including marketing, communications, graphics, video, media and IT.

Cyndie and her husband, Marcel, live in Escondido, California, where they have two creative and entertaining children—one in college and one in high school—as well as two adorable rescue dogs.

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  1. Dawn M Lech says:

    Hi Cyndie, I am listening to you right now on Focus on the Family and you are teaching on “Nurturing Your Child’s Purpose and Passion”. You have totally described my 18 year old who has generalized anxiety and mild depression and I could really use some advice on how to help him. It is really hard to find someone you can trust to talk to. Any suggestions please??

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